Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Primary School Visit

A few months ago I visited a really nice school, Gipsey Bridge Primary School in Boston. The children were all really friendly and interested to see my illustrations and learn about how I go about creating them.

I worked with the foundation, infant and junior year groups - helping them create their own illustrations to support stories they had written together as classes. I did a quick presentation of my work for each class - where we would discuss my books and what it is like to be an illustrator. The children then had a chance to fire a barrage of questions at me! I managed to answer most of them, I think!

The most fun came when I was surrounded by the school and challenged to draw different things as quickly as I could! Most of the children got something to take home with them - And I received a nice big blister on my drawing hand! The Dancing Hedgehog proved to be very popular with the kids.

Thank-you to all the children and staff at Gipsey Bridge Primary School for inviting me to visit your school!

The school library had just been renovated for the children.

Some of the work and letters the children sent me.

'The Mole's Wish' a story written and illustrated by the Foundation year.